Week 13: Anchorage to Delta Junction

After SalmonFest we headed for Anchorage for a couple nights in an AirBNB to do laundry and get a brake warning light on the Sprinter checked out (turned out it was just a bad sensor). On the way to Anchorage we stopped at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center for more bear watching. Not much to see or do in Anchorage, but we did check out a great dive bar called Darwin’s Theory, and we had steak and king crab at the nearby Club Paris, which claims to have the same menu since the 1950s when it opened.

We then drove north, heading for a stretch of the Richardson Highway between Glenallen and Delta Junction, hoping to escape the daily rain near the ocean. We found lots of great campgrounds and boondocking spots along the way. We got a great spot near the lake at the mostly empty Paxson Lake BLM campground. We stayed in a large boondocking area with amazing views of the Gulkana Glacier and a hike to the glacier across a really scary suspension bridge. And, at the Lost Lake Trail Campground, outside of Delta Junction, we had the entire campground to ourselves! Good hiking and kayaking with flirtatious ducks, and amazing sunsets.

Full set of photos for the week are here.

Great free camping area
Fun bridge (NOT)
Castner Glacier Ice Cave

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