Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane was somewhat disappointing after Luang Prabang. Its much more run down, and does not seem to be improving as quickly. But it was still interesting, and the ‘Budha Park’ (photos in the link below) was very cool.

The other great thing about Vientiane is the food and coffee. We had a fantastic French meal for about $25 (for 2), and saw many Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai places.

We even went to a North Korean chain restaurant, which was really quite good! We hoped there would be performances, but there were none that night. But we were treated to videos of the North Korean music. Hits like ‘Great Comrade Kim Jung Un’, and songs from the Moranbong Band such as “Voice of my Heart” and ‘Lets Support our Supreme Commander with Arms”. You really must check them out. The staff were all young and cute women.

We got to see the first day of the That Luang Festival, which was very interesting indeed.

We stayed this guesthouse, which had fantastic views of sunset on the river, but was a bit far from downtown.

Some photos of Vientiane are here.

Also, I never did a blog on our visit to the Plain of Jars. Those photos are here.

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