Backpacker Hostels for the over 50 set

We decided to see what it would be like for 55 year olds  to stay at at a backpackers hostel. Dorm beds $7/night, private rooms $25/night. Of course we did the private room.

Overall it was almost exactly the same at when I was in SE Asia 30 years ago. The hostel was full of Europeans (mostly German college students) in their 20s. Also Danes, Dutch, Brits, Aussies, 1 other American, etc. I even heard both ‘The Wall’ and ‘Hotel California’ on the stereo within 15 minutes of arriving, just like 30 years ago! (They did play more current music too later). The food was mediocre, the beers where cheap, and everyone was exchanging info on good places to go and how to get there. And there was AC and hot water, something that was rare 30 years ago.

Even tho we were the only ones over 30, everyone seemed happy to hang out with us and hear about what is was like backpacking in the 80s and 90s. We also booked a day trip with the hostel ($16 for a full day of activities) that was great, and got to meet even more backpackers.

Hostels are still a great way to travel, meet people, and gather information. We plan to stay at places like this periodically, especially when first arriving in a new country. More older folks should travel this way. Or at least find a hotel across the street from a backpacker hostel, and book some day trips with them.

Oh, and in Vietnam they all sell balloons of nitrous oxide for $.50 too, if you are into that.

Here is the place we stayed. Backpacker hostels don’t usually have pools, which helped us make the decision to stay there. 😉

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