Hotel California Game

I know an number of you play the LDB game at Christmas time (The game is to try to get through the holiday season with ever hearing the song “Little Drummer Boy”). I’m starting a similar game for international travelers: Try to get thru a week in another country without hearing the song “Hotel California”. Any version counts: Eagles, Gypsy Kings, steel pan band on the corner, guitar player in a bar, whatever.

Its surprising hard to get through a week in a tourist area outside North America without hearing that song. (Somehow is seems easier in North America. Or maybe Im just better at avoiding tourist areas there)

Over the years I remember hearing the song in the following places: Egypt, Israel, India, Nepal, Japan, Netherlands, England, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Thailand, Morocco, and many more.

I’m pretty sure I avoided hearing it in: Myanmar and Grenada

Other places I’m not sure about.

Starting in 2019 I started keeping track.

  • Medellin, Colombia: LOST, heard it on a metro platform
  • Bogota, Colombia: LOST, heard in in a taxi on the radio