Shanghai, China

This is the final post of our trip. We left home almost 7.5 months ago.

Shanghai was super interesting. Way nicer, cleaner, and more modern than I was expecting.

Here are some random stats on Shanghai that I found interesting:

  • There are 26 million people, which is the 2nd largest city in the world
  • There are 450,000 share bikes that rent for about .20/hr.
  • There are 160 Starbucks, with a new store opening somewhere in China every 15 hours.
  • The 1/3 mile tall Shanghai tower has the worlds highest observation deck (which we didn’t have time to visit) and the worlds fastest elevator.
  • About 95% of all motorbikes in Shanghai are now electric

It was a bit surprising just how little English is spoken in Shanghai. Even the bartender at the Fairmont Hotel did not speak English, tho he did know how to make a very nice cocktail.

Some photos are here.