Baseball in Tokyo

I’ve never heard the cheer of “Rets (sic) go Giants” so loud at a regular season game as in Tokyo. The Yomiuri Giants, the most popular team in Tokyo, has really great fans. SF Giants fans are great too, but nothing like this.

As you can see in the photos, our seats where not all that great, so we spent much of the time in the ‘standing room only’ section next to the ‘Giants cheer seats’, which was fantastic. Check out the videos of the cheers that I took. Basically they cheered non-stop whenever the Giants were at bat.

The food and souvenir selection was quite interesting too. Giants chopsticks anyone?

Also nice was the cute women (all probably 19-25 years old) who sold beer and snacks. They must be in good shape to lug that small keg of beer up and down the steps all night!

See this article for more reasons to go to a game. If you go, be sure to hang out in or near the ‘cheer seats’.

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